Blogs provide a wonderful platform to connect with your customers and turn potential clients into new ones. Blogs help create loyalty, as well as position your business as an “industry authority” to readers. You want your blog to become like a trustworthy friend, whereby your clients come to rely on the jaw-dropping titbits of valuable information blended with mind-bogglingly interesting content produced every month.

If you have a bunch of old blogs hanging around your website, you can use these to boost your image also. Backlinko reported in 2016 that even updating and republishing old blog posts with new content and images can help increase organic traffic by as much as 111%.

Not only does LOCAL Copywriter create 100% original blogs from scratch, they can refresh your old blogs with new information and concepts for a fraction of the cost of a brand-new blog.

The team at LOCAL Copywriter believes the world should be filled with better content so we offer competitive rates for writing and will work to a budget that suits you.

Stay In Touch With Your Customers

Hear me roar! Whether you’re an established business with a healthy client base or you’re trying to get a foothold in the market, you want to announce your benefits, goods, services and customer promotions with a klaxon-loud declaration.

LOCAL Copywriter provides professional blogs, filled with noteworthy and respected information to help bolster your business’s reputation in the marketplace. Based on the Gold Coast with an intimate knowledge of the Sydney market, you’ll find local support for ongoing feedback. Content is very high quality and relevant to business needs within your regional market.

Get your message across all year round, with fresh enticing content to keep your valued customers engaged.

Display Your Advantages

If all you offer on your website is information about your business and products, unless people are searching specifically for a product you sell, they’ll quickly lose interest. By offering a mix of information on your product/services along with useful topics that are relevant to your business, you become a respected authority within your industry.

Generating relevant high-quality content also helps to boost your search engine results with organic clicks. Good content is therefore your key into the world of casual visitors, and will help you to drive more traffic to your door.

‘Time-Poor’ is No Longer An Excuse

Many business managers don’t have time to work on their CRM (customer relationship management) by writing a regular blog that ‘talks’ to their clients. It can be hard sitting down at your desk and knowing where to start. You know you’ve achieved goals this month, but how do you share that with your clients? If writing doesn’t come naturally to you, you’re not alone. So let a professional make you sound exactly that – more professional.

To keep your business front of mind when people are searching for your goods or services in your local area, LOCAL Copywriter can ghost write your regular blogs to help maintain quality relationships with your clients.

Writing a blog can help make your clients feel valued by providing them with great offers and promotions as well as expert information to add value to their own businesses and lifestyles in general.