Just because you’ve spent enough time together to get slack on a few – well, OK, more than a few – niceties around the home, doesn’t mean you should forget about Date Night, too. Quality time together is non-negotiable if you want to go the distance with your partner.

Date Night is for adults what Schoolies is for graduating high school students across the country. It comes with a sense of relief, excitement, risk and the potential for a hell of a good time. So you have to do it right, says Mr MOJO.

Setting aside one special evening – either every week, once a fortnight or, if you’re on a tight timetable, perhaps one night a month – to spend quality time with your other half is an important way to nurture a healthy relationship.

According to research referenced by the American Psychological Association, studies found that couples who reported boredom during the seventh year of marriage were less likely to be happy in their relationships in nine years’ time*. The APA suggested “keeping it interesting” is the key to keeping the flame alive over time.

Whether you and your lady actually got together on a hot date in the first place is beside the point. You may have met out at a club, playing tennis with friends or at a barbecue the girl who sits in your office reception invited you to. Dating has been used for decades to decide whether or not to make the next move, but Date Night is different. Date Night helps you decide how to manoeuvre through the rest of your lives together as a respectful and loving team.

The term “Date Night” really took hold when the eponymous film came out in 2010, and we watched as Tina Fey and Steve Carell’s characters as Mr and Mrs Foster tried to change up their typical boring date night routine. Seeing Tina’s character fawn over a chiselled shirtless Mark Wahlberg, playing Holbrooke, certainly made us all realise we needed more excitement in our relationships.

Escaping from your responsibilities and your kids to go on an old-fashioned romantic date together can be the glue that bonds you two together when times are tough. At least when you’re having a bad day at work, you can look forward to time out with your special someone.

Date Night can keep you sane – especially during stressful situations that are out of your control. Checking in with your partner can help alleviate feelings of isolation, knowing someone has your back.

Not to be confused with an actual “date”, which is where keen couples are champing at the bit to either get into bed together at the end of the night or decide they’ve met The One they’ve been looking for. Date Night is a hallowed institution that should be respected and revisited as many times as you can manage in your busy schedules.

If all you’ve been talking about lately is the mortgage repayments and your children’s school fees then coming up with a decent date idea – let alone an exhilarating one – could be tough. So Mr MOJO is has kindly compiled a list of top date suggestions, depending on your budget – and intentions.

Whether you want to knock her socks off or simply ensure she gives you special cuddles for the rest of the week, Mr MOJO has identified four types of dates and offers inspiration – from the cheap to the elaborate – to keep you and your partner on track all year round.

Stay in

DIY massage

Movie marathon

Master Chef cook-up

Games night

Cheap & Cheerful

Picnic: beach, park

SUP, kayaking, gym class

Markets: farmers, craft, vintage

Hiking, cycling


Revisit your first/best date

Spa treatment/massage

5-star restaurant dining

Dance class


Winery tour

Hotel getaway

Sport/concert/theatre event

Hot air balloon/sky diving/helicopter flight

If you have any killer Date Night ideas or if Mr MOJO has missed your favourite, be sure to let us know on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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