Melbourne Cup is a great time to have a flutter on the nags, enjoy some fun with your friends and look the best you’ll probably look all year (weddings excluded). So why do so many people saddle their mates with a donkey on the day? Don’t make a mockery of yourself by drinking too much and missing all the fun. MOJO provides 4 top tips on how you can keep it classy at the Cup.

Emirates Melbourne Cup – known as the race that stops a nation – is a huge fun, fashion and foodie event for the Victorian capital. You’ll find local and international celebrities, DJs, diplomats and racing royalty holding a glass of champagne at every turn in The Birdcage and its prestigious marquees, while punters across the nation get kitted up and try to pick a winner at the turf club or TAB.

With all the fun to be had, MOJO has some advice on how to avoid galloping in as the frontrunner for next day’s gossip fodder.

Here are MOJO’s top 4 tips for keeping it tasteful at the track.


  1. Don’t Get Drunk! Simple, but often ignored, this advice is key if you want to be a stayer! Despite the champagne flowing and the beer being served for brunch, you don’t have to be the last man standing.
    Rather than cantering towards the finish line, a slow trot to the bar is best to avoid being scratched from the line-up. For best betting odds, make sure you eat plenty of food, opt for mid-strength beers and, if you are on the champers, drink plenty of soda waters between rounds. The bubbles in mineral water are refreshing and less likely to give you that bloated feeling that both beer and water tend to do.


  1. Dress Your Best! Whether you’re at Flemington, Randwick or enjoying a luncheon with your mates, the Melbourne Cup Carnival represents sartorial splendour on steroids so you simply must look the part. For photo finish style, step outside the square! While a classic jacket and tie is essential, you can add your own flourish in your choice of colours and cuts.
    Interpret traditional looks with contemporary styling. Rather than dull old black for your suit, try light grey, blue in brights or pastels, beige or camel tones. Use your accessories as your showpiece, with a dapper hat, eye-catching lapel, colourful cufflinks or vivid tie being a great conversation starter. The big winner for the day will be “confidence”; there’s no point styling like a stallion if you can’t pull it off.


  1. Get Your Social Media On! The crowd is dressed to impress and it’s not only the jockeys’ silks that are attracting plenty of attention. There’s an enticing array of assorted ‘in situ’ photo ops wherever you turn. This is not the time to develop a case of camera shyness. Get out there and be proud of how good you look, how good you feel and how good this is gonna make you look at work this week. (Hint: great when going for job interviews.)


  1. Keep Your Dignity! This is more a “What To Do If You Do Get Smashed” tip, whereby falling asleep while that amazing networking opportunity doesn’t even get out of the starting gate. You may laugh as you retell your Cup-day stories but if you don’t remember the best part, no one will want to listen to the punch line?
    Another hot tip is to dress for the weather. Melbourne can put on the occasional heatwave during Cup Carnival. Perfect for showing off spray-tanned shoulders for the girls, but not so good if you’re perspiring like a single man who’s being set up by his mum’s at her best friend’s second wedding. MOJO high-tech men’s underwear line has the ultimate in Cup-day comfort, which starts skin-deep. Keep cool in killer styles that are not only the ultimate in comfort, but offer premium sweat-resistant elements to ward off any spike in temperature.
    Keep on the right side of tipsy – not totalled – by sticking to sodas, dressing like a dapper dude and picking the favourite for high-performance comfort that ultimately lies the seat of your (MOJO) pants.
  2. Most of all have a great Cup day and here at MOJO, we hope you pick a winner.Oh and one more thing… If you’d like to look great underneath your suit as well, grab a pair of MOJO men’s luxury briefs at a discounted rate of 15%* off the purchase price. Simply choose your perfect pair of MOJO men’s trunks or briefs in any style and type in the promo code STALLION to receive your special offer. [*Valid for single pairs only.]

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