A big challenge facing today’s businesses is how to write optimised content for your webpages and blog articles that people really want to read.

Make a great first impression!

LOCAL Copywriter offers expert SEO copywriting at competitive rates. Backed by many years of experience within the continually evolving world of Google page rankings, LOCAL Copywriter is able to craft insightful, compelling keyword-rich content for your website and online articles.

What we will do for you (Website content production and rewrites):

  1. Add essential keywords to each page to boost SEO, while making the content clearer by using direct speech as opposed to indirect speech if necessary.
  2. Correct grammar and spelling where necessary, which includes swapping American spelling for Australian/English, and including correct punctuation.
  3. Add catchy headlines and refine content in order to provide engaging copy that will appeal to your customers. Clarify any points or specific ideas and make them easier to understand. Simplify industry jargon as it just confuses – or worse, bores – your readers, so they’re likely to click off-page.
  4. Delete any repetition and highlight the positives of your business. LOCAL Copywriter excels at promoting the points that set you apart from your competitors.

Improve Your ROI With Professional SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is something of a fine art, defined by targeted keyword phrases scattered throughout online content in certain frequencies and densities. While it’s relatively simple in theory, many business operators haven’t a clue how to do it.

Your website needs to do two things for your business. It needs to be found by Google so it generates traffic to your business plus it needs to entice readers to stay on the page and not click away to your competitors.

According to a report by Search Engine Watch in 2016, a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google determined that high quality content is one part of the most important factors used by Google to rank your website in internet searches. There’s no point investing in a great-looking website to promote your business without premium content to back it up.

For best results, use LOCAL Copywriter’s professional writing services to ensure you’re attracting the right target audience.

Why Great Content Is So Important For Your SEO

Most of the magic of SEO copywriting happens off the page itself. The key to high-performing SEO content is being able to create copy so compelling that other people want to promote it by linking to it or sharing it on social media. If people organically share your articles, you’ll find your reputation and authority increases, which in turn affects your search engine rankings.

Don’t even think about cutting and pasting your competitor’s content onto your own webpages and thinking “that will do”. It won’t! Duplicate content can send you to SEO Siberia. Keyword stuffing is another to add to your ‘not to do’ list.

Google Hates Typos, Too

Don’t get blacklisted by Google, Bing or Yahoo! or other search engines by making mistakes throughout your content. Poor spelling and grammar are a big no-no, and can result in your page rankings being penalised. The team at Bing has officially revealed they take grammar into consideration for search rankings, while Google has confirmed that top-ranked sites usually have error-free content. So according to this information, typos and poor phrasing on your website will impact SEO both directly and indirectly.

While Google evolves every day to weed out spammers and dodgy backlinking, one thing that will never change is Google loves quality, error-free and highly palatable content. Create awesome content that helps build relationships with your readers. Offer them interesting tips or promotions that fill their “what’s in it for me” sense of satisfaction.