When Jennifer was with us at Woman's Day, I found her to be thorough and exacting in her work. She was a perfectionist and refused to hand in shoddy work - and she never missed a deadline. Her creative flair and keen eye for detail helped contribute to what is the best-selling weekly magazine in Australia

Beryl G

Magazine Chief Subeditor

About producing relevant and extremely clean copy for our website, and would highly recommend her skills as a writer and proofreader

Lauren H

Business Development Expert

Jennifer is a razor-sharp sub-editor with a forensic passion for grammatical correctness which spills into her conversational life. She works quickly and effectively to iron out a piece of writing into flawless and publish-ready perfection. I wouldn't publish without her casting an eye. Both left- and right-brained, as a writer Jennifer is imaginative and spontaneous, entertaining and original - and quick.

Anna W

Editor & Author

Jennifer easily distills any information I give her and weaves her magic to help my content shine brighter than before. I know I can always rely on her sound, professional advice when it comes to what works editorially and what doesn't.

Alida Fehily

Esoteric Chaperone

Jennifer has been writing our newsletters, blogs, client testimonials and also editing our knowledgebase articles and online content. She is extremely efficient in what she does and can be relied upon to make us look professional. I love the way she can decipher my notes and turn the text into readable pieces that appeal to our clients. Jennifer has also fitted easily into our team. While she was only in the office once a week, the staff regarded her as part of the team.

Tracey V

Marketing Specialist

I love the way I can pile Jennifer with chunks of information and she uses her craft to turn it into imaginative, exciting web content for our brands.

Fabiola Gomez